18 Stunning Pictures of 18 famous Women writers

On the heels of my androcentric, popular ’16 Pictures of 16 Authors’ post, I’ve posted this homage to a group of oft neglected writers-–Women. Tell me what you think, and comment if you have suggestions.

Maya Angelou portrait. Credit Christopher Dierdorff

Virginia Woolf

A 'wood' cut of Margaret Atwood

Charolette Bronte

Anne Lamott with her dog. Credit to Brant Ward

Willa Cather

Toni Morrison

A mural of Emily Dickinson

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Lorraine Hansberry

Doris Lessing

Marianne Moore grabs a foul

Joyce Carol Oates contemplates

Flannery O'Connor

Sylvia Plath, ready to swim

Ayn Rand hits the city

Edith Wharton is serious about lounging

A full laugh from Zora Neale Hurston

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16 Responses to “18 Stunning Pictures of 18 famous Women writers”

  1. Christina writes:

    Lovely! Thank you for this.

    That mural is by Dickinson’s grave BTW, if anyone is wondering where it came from.

    And I’m glad you found a nice picture of Virginia Woolf that was not the lovely-but-much-overused photos she took in her early twenties,

  2. Christian Harder writes:

    Thank you so much for that information! I’ll update it later tonight.

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  5. Jeanne writes:

    Beautiful photographs! I particularly love the one of Marianne Moore catching the foul ball. That one is wonderful.


  6. Christian Harder writes:

    Her expression and posture is priceless. Thank you for your comment!

  7. Jon writes:

    Another great photo list, but no Lucy Maud Montgomery? That woodcut of Atwood gives me the willies. I had to scroll back up to make sure I wasn’t just crying wolf about Montgomery, and while the woodcut grabbed my eyes I certainly didn’t appreciate the feeling of dread.

  8. Christian Harder writes:

    It honestly bothered me too. The actually photos of her I dug up were even worse. Anyway, that’s a valid point. I’m writing for a deadline right now, but ASAP I’ll upload that and attribute you with the suggestion!

  9. Phoebe writes:

    Lorraine Hansberry was so lovely.

  10. Christian Harder writes:

    I thought that picture was particularly striking myself. Thank you!

  11. Jeff writes:

    Marianne Moore is one of my favorite authors, but where’s HD ?

  12. Deanne Cummings writes:

    Sandra Cisneros should be on this list.

  13. Christian Harder writes:

    I will add her, my readers know best!

  14. MarkSpizer writes:

    great post as usual!

  15. MH writes:

    This would be better if you’d bothered to spell the African American women’s names right.

  16. Christian Harder writes:

    You’re right, it’s inexcusable that I missed that. It wasn’t so much a lack of “bother”, or assumedly intent, but rather ignorance and haste. Neither, of course, are excusable. The changes have been made.

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