Free Short Story

We’ve got a few hours until it’s Saturday, and I figured I’d give you, my loyal readers, a gift. Sure, this blog covers the art world as much as one college student can handle, but what has it really done for you?

Well now, I’m going to reward you for your continued reading by starting a new section: “The Free Short Story.” Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or daily, I’ll post a new Pdf file for you guys to devour.

It’s better than most random ‘e-texts’ for three reasons:
1. I’ve screened it, and I know enough not to give you forgettable reading.
2. It’s completely proof-read, and provided in a .pdf file. I’ve heard those are good for e-readers. Whatever those are.
3. It’s from an interesting artist you probably haven’t heard of. Nothing like being exposed to new, good art.

For our first story, I’ve made a .pdf of Donald Barthelme’s short story, The School. I won’t ruin any surprises, but let’s just say it’s worth your reading.

Have fun. Distribute it, post it, steal it, give it to whomever you like. Just enjoy and appreciate it. I’m using mediafire at the moment, but we’ll see if I keep it. Hope everyone’s having a good time tonight.

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